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2000lbs of sound

2000lbs of sound was our little inside joke that we used on stage. In fact, we would ask the audience to guess our combine weight. Mind you some of those "guesstimations" where redunculus. My new word for the day Redunculus. Public school in the house whoop whoop. We prided ourselves with our ability to pound some food and drop a wall of harmonies. Dang I miss those days. Any ways getting back to the 2000lbs of sound. We were never short on stories concerning getting to gigs in a single car. In fact we bent Sam and Lina’s car frame at one point. With all of us in the van and our sound system. That poor van took a beating. Sam would always look at us and tell us boys, boys Lina's worried that we are to heavy for the car. We were like huh nah brah no worry. Going up the like like we would lean forward and chant “I think I can, I think I can”. Going down the like like was like riding in the Millennium Falcon. We was going light speed and we neva even need foa press da gas la dat. We were pulled over for speeding one time. Heading to a gig coming down the like like. There our brada in blue was, pointing his speedometer. We pulled over to the side and we couldn’t stop laughing. He walked over to our van and we told him Brah we tried to slow down but gravity took over. Sam then opens his side door and tells our brada in blue "howzit my brada" and he started cracking up too. He knew we tried, but when your okole is as big as Sams….and Bruce.. Piko neva have one okole, from the back of his neck straight to his ankles flat. “Miss you brother”. As for me perfect………eh. Our brada in blue let us go, we couldn’t stop laughing. There is only one instance where we had to ride the brakes. That was when we were driving from Hilo to Kona. In a two door dodge neon. Yup two door Dogde neon. There was 5 of us in that car, with our gear. We had our sound man Masi with us he was a tiny 6’3 380. We had a gig in Hilo and Kona. We were staying at the Kona Kam. We rode the breaks from Kohala to Kona. We rode that baby because we wanted to live. When we got to the Kona Kam the car was smoking. Like smoking from us riding the breaks. Tourist were coming out to look at what all the fuss was about. Mind you we were crammed in this car for what 2, 3 hours. Getting out was worse it looked like the car was giving birth, and all these people was like WTF. After a while the car started to ask for an Epidural. So we always tell fans if you’re in Kona look for the blue 2 door dodge neon with stretch marks. That’s our mama. Mama Neon. I really miss those days, oh we hard some rough ones but we had

a lot of fun times as well. Off of our Harmony album a song that describes us a little. Shoop shoop

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