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I saw you in my dreams

Some years ago my cousin lost her husband to a heart attack. Like a thief in the night it came. Leaving behind lost and pain. My wife and were close, we would go out to dinner, we shared each others company. We looked forward to just hanging out. He and I had similar interest and would chat about how we would get those done. He was just a stud of guy. I loved him dearly.

I watched my cousin struggle and tried to be as supportive as I could, all the while internalizing the grief at his lost. I began asking myself, how does one heal and recover. All these thought's swirled in my mind, and like falling leaves I grabbed each leaf as they fell and put to pen the emotion that each generated. I then grabbed my guitar and in the early morning hours composed the musical bed that would support the thoughts that I had collected. I saw you in my dreams are the thought's and emotion I experienced. To my cousin I love you. You are strong, talented and a gift to the world we live in. We still love hanging out with you AND your hubby. It's good to see you happy. Your smile is a testament that yes there is lost, but love can be found again. To all those who have faced these challenges. My prayers go out to you and your family. I offer this song as gift in hopes that it will provide some comfort. With much Aloha.......Vaihi

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