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One of my favorite things to do, is to watch a good heartfelt movie with my wife.

Last night she wanted to watch Minari a korean movie. I was like eh not sure about this one but ok. So much of this movie struck home with me.

I quietly sat there watching myself. In my youth I took a lot of gambles. Even when I was married I took a lot of risky business moves. Fortunate for me they worked out, not easily but they paid off.

Covid came and boy what a mess things became. I found myself working more for less. INSANE!!! "u do what u gotta do to pay the bills". But in the mist of it all Sylvianne gave me the green light to go ahead with my latest risk. One I've been trying for years to do. I put a huge bulk of our savings into it.

Well in truth ALL. On the 8th I have my first meeting to introduce my baby to a potential client. I'm hopeful but I've learned not to get to hopeful. The road is long but I've always believed this project has value, not financially but, beneficial to the children as they grow.

My conversations with my uncle Hale was the same. He believed in No Hope in Dope the same way. I thank him for his inspiration to pursue even when the odds seem bleak. This project has had many stumbling blocks but GOD willing I get back up and try again.

After the movie was done I kissed my wife and thanked her for believing in this fool of a man. Enjoy the latest song I wrote, I meant every word I penned. And keep a prayer in your heart, for this world we live in.

If you like the song play the hell out of it. Love you all.

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