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Hush was the song, that would inspire me to pursue this crazy dream.

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

When my sons were little. My favorite family thing to do was the movies at Laie theater. Mind you I was selfish.

Watching them watch the movies was worth more than all the gold in this world. I remember all the Disney movies like, Mighty Joe young, and seeing my oldest Vaihi, run on all fours like a gorilla up the isle, roaring as he galloped his way to the exit.

Watching Tevai and Pene stand in there seats and roar back in response to the dinosaur's was over the top funny. As I'm typing this my heart is warmed by the memories. We went to watch Aladdin, and as we left I had this overwhelming feeling that, hey as a Polynesian, we have stories too. We had stories that could have the same impact on the world and the first thing came to mind was Maui. That night I went home and thought long and hard about this. Hey I said to myself. Maui would be killer animated movie. I began to put some thoughts down.

The images came flooding in, as I envisioned a child on a Journey on the ocean. A place where as a people, we traveled the same way we use a highway. That child would be cared for by the elements. The mighty wind guiding the child's wa'a or canoe like how mother would gently guide her child. The ocean gently rocking the child to sleep. The clouds providing shelter from the sun. From that came the song Hush. I would sing this to my sons as they slept. Back then I was working a lot, so I would see them when they were asleep in the morning and I would come home when they where asleep in the evening.

Those moments meant more to me then the breath I took. They were all small enough to fit on a King size bed. Mind you Vaihi took most of that bed. I would sit in aw of my sons. Such a gift to be given. I would watch them sleep and quietly sing hush to them, and as I sang that song to them I would dream of a day I would be able to actually create. Yes I wanted to actually create an animated movie on Maui. Hush was the song that would inspire me to pursue this crazy dream. Every time I sang hush, that dream would return in force. But alas 18 years later Disney would release Maui. Eh! P.S My new to animate the song, in a short story form. It's gonna happen.

Any ways Hush was the 2nd song released on FM100 from our Second release Can You Imagine. Aloha and stay tuned our gift to our Children is on its way Kolohe Time "recess with a purpose".

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