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We got signed to a major label in Japan!

Updated: May 24, 2021

and at the time this label had the number 1 J POP band in Japan, Morning Musume

This was massive for our carriers as entertainers. For us this was the opportunity of a life time if we played our cards right. We were able to play venues that we normally wouldn't get into. NHK was one of them, mind you NHK was like the CBS of Japan so this was HUGE,....., so was our food bill.

We showed up at NHK 7am and rehearsed the show until 3. I was like what the heck. Countless run throughs so that everyone knew who was where and what they were doing. We were also special guests on the number 1 game show, which was crazy fun.

The experience was Awesome to say the least. We made lots of friends. In fact Sam made friends with the CEO for Poke Man. The guy loved Sam and gave him this rare pokeman card that Sam still has. We featured Pili Kaua a song that I wrote and had translated to Hawaiian by close friends Keao NeSmith and Jeremy Kama Hopkins. It was Sylvianne and I's wedding song years after the wedding hahahaha. LIna Girl arranged the song like she did so much during our early days of playing.

We fricken killed the performance and later killed the food at Sale's restaurant thumbs up. For us our future in Japan was bright, but it became short lived. From this experience I learned patience and forgiveness. We would lose the contract with the label because of the selfish stupidity of a member. But nevertheless we forgave and moved forward.

I still find myself going back to watch this performance and all the experiences we had. No matter what it was a blast. The song "Pili Kaua", performed on NHK Japan.

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