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Walking over water

Sam and I were on the phone one morning talking about another nut idea that I was trying make happen. We really think that this idea is solid. But its crazy, but why not. All crazy idea's come out pretty good, and it takes a nut case to make it happen. Don't you think? Any ways, part of this nut idea included two guys that are doing some fun poly skits on FB, (YO Samo). I thought it would be cool to bring them on board. Well it turns out one of them is a Kahuku grad. Yeah, and, he's a fan, even moa bettah. Then Sam tells me he even sang on our self titled album Vaihi. I was like WHAT? Then Sam refreshes my memory about the song "Walking over water". I was like, huh? See when you write songs and unless they become your hit song it just passes into album bliss. It's there and then when a fan shows up to your show and asks can you sing this song, and we're like ah? Then we begin with the sorrowful stutter of ssss....ooooo...rrrrr.....yyyy, we haven't sang that song since a hundred years ago. BUT! if you email us a year before you come. We will be ready with that request. Till then how about this song, then we offer them a substitute of an original we've been singing in our sleep.

Walking over water was the 9th song on our third studio album, but our first under our own label. The year was 1999. No i was not driving in a red corvette, and I wasn't trying to party like 1999. I was trying to put food on the table of my growing family. I couldn't afford to party, let alone drive a corvette. We couldn't even afford to do a cover song so we had to rely on our writing and story telling to pay the bills. Anyways, 98,99. and 2000 were good years but filled with sorrow as well. We had lost an original member of the band, that left while we were still in college. He wanted to pursue what he believed was the best for his family. We flew to his funeral in Maui and spent time with